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I Feel My Boyfriend Gets Upset With Me Over Little Things – Lady Opens Up

I think what they say is that if you’re angry with your lover, what you should do is to beg him/her and promise him/her that you won’t repeat what happened again.


A lady shares a story of her angry boyfriend who gets angry with just little things that doesn’t even worth getting angry.

Read what she wrote below;

I feel like I have to watch what I say or show my boyfriend becuase he turns everything into an issue. Examples: we had a conversation about relationships and I brought up my friend and her relationship issue and how her boyfriend just told her he is scared to commit after 6yrs, not to make it Our problem but for some reason it did, and my son got brought into it. He said in a sarcastic meanish voice “its weird how your son still sl’eeps with you” Like I’m not even sure how my friends story had anything to do with my son. Felt like he wanted to get off that off his chest. So I started crying in the car I felt hurt and He yelled for me to let him out the car and I did and drove off.
2nd example: I showed him a text message from my tattoo artist who is going to do my sisters Tattoo and wrote to the tattoo “Please do my sisters tattoo she is harrasing me, thanks hun”. My boyfriend freaked out. It wasn’t said in a flirtous way just the way I talk. Now I feel like I have to watch EVERYTHING I Say.
Just really confused I love him but definitely don’t want to deal with being worried what I say may turn into an issue. What does this mean?? Am I wrong here?

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